Waterproof Makeup – Is It For You?

Makeup is like your second skin, whether you are lounging at home sipping your drink or out rocking that party. We are not always lucky to stay indoors in a cool temperature. Majority of the times we are exposed to the sun and heat, which causes us to sweat. And when you are out having fun in the pool or get caught off guard in the rain, what happens to your makeup? This is where waterproof makeup comes to your rescue.


Dos And Don’ts With Waterproof Makeup

Now that you are going in for waterproof makeup, to ensure you don’t have runny mascara or a blotched up foundation due to sweat or moisture, there are a few things you should and should not do.

Clean Tool – Whether you are using a brush or a sponge to apply your waterproof makeup, ensure it is clean and free of debris or other particles. You don’t want these particles to get stuck on to your skin for long hours. Also, it will result in uneven layers.

Limited Application – It is waterproof, there is no need to apply a number of coats of the product. Just a single coat or two, like with regular makeup will do. Using more product is not going to retain the product for more hours.

Use When Needed – Yes, it is an inviting thought to have your makeup on, undisturbed for hours on end, every single day. However, use these waterproof products only when you are stepping out in the sun (when you might sweat) or are going to come in contact with water. These waterproof makeup products come with a strong sealant that enables it to be “waterproof”. Exposing your skin to them on a daily basis is not such a great idea.

Avoid Silicones – Silicon is used in many products, to make them waterproof and repel water. However, silicone can irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions. There are many waterproof makeup products that use other ingredients like wax, solvents, etc. These are a better option to silicones.

Remove MakeupRemoving your makeup before hitting the bed holds good for any type of makeup. When it is waterproof makeup, this rule is even more important. The sealants in the waterproof products will clog your pores and leaving them over night can cause more harm than regular makeup products.

Extra Care With Mascara – Since the waterproof mascara will be used on hair follicles and will come in close contact with your eyes, you need to be extra cautious. Leaving it on overnight will not only make the lashes stiff, but will also dry them out. If you are using contact lenses, ensure the mascara does not touch it, as it will leave stains that can’t be removed.

Why Waterproof Makeup?

Wondering why you should opt for the waterproof variety? It lasts long, really long. Your time spent on your makeup will not go waste, the minute you step out in the rain or sweat. When you out at a beach party, these products will ensure you look glamorous throughout, sans runny makeup.

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