How To Use A Beautyblender To Your Benefit

Have you ever tried on makeup? If so, you must be aware of all the wonderful inventions to make the makeup applying process more effective and easier. One such invention is the beautyblender. Yes, there are makeup brushes and sponges that can help you apply your makeup perfectly but a beautyblender can do so much more. Wondering how to use a beauty blender?

Here is how-

Wet Itimages

Dip the sponge in some water and squeeze out all the water. The sponge should be only damp and not soaking wet. This is important because the sponge will add moisture to your face as you apply your makeup. A beautyblender ensures your makeup is not applied to a dry skin, which will not only result in uneven layers of makeup but will also give a blotched look.

Right Hold

One of the main steps in learning how to use a beauty blender is, knowing how to hold it. The sponge is egg shaped and you should hold the thinner part in your hand and use the rounded edge to apply makeup. Though brushes have a smaller circumference, you should not use the thinner end of the sponge to apply your makeup.

Right Technique

Though it is an age old practice to rub a sponge, with the beautyblender, you should bounce it all over. Use small bouncy motion to dab the product onto your skin rather than rubbing it in. This is called stippling. This will give a smoother and even finish.  This motion will blend in the product and gives you a more natural look.

Use The Smaller Sidemz2hscR1GHNwgs3Gme_y4vw

Now that you know how to use a beautyblender by holding the smaller side, you should also learn how to use the smaller side to cover areas on your face. The broader side is not advisable to be used around the eyes and in the crease of your nose as you may either use too much product or miss out on spaces.

Dip the smaller end of the sponge in a little makeup (as you don’t want too much product) and use the same stippling technique to apply makeup under your eyes, around the creases and around your nose. You can even cover the area above your lips with the smaller side.

How To Use A Beautyblender Without Makeup?

The beautyblender can not only be used to apply the perfect makeup, it has other uses too.

  • If you have got too much product or the wrong product over your perfectly applied foundation, take a dry beautyblender and buff away the excess product or the wrong product.
  • Use a beautyblender to apply your sunscreen evenly around your face and neck. You need to apply your sunscreen evenly, to avoid patchy tan lines around your face.
  • You can even apply your moisturizer and other serums to your skin with the beautyblender. This will give you maximum coverage and even out the product all over the face.

Now that you know how to use a beautyblender, use this wonderful creation to get the perfect, professional makeup and become an expert in makeup application in no time.

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