5 Tips and Tricks to Apply Everyday Makeup

Be it a smoky eye look with a plethora of products, or the fresh-faced look, makeup is mandatory if you are stepping out of home. Not only does it hide flaws, it is something that you can use to make a statement about who you are – goth, punk, hippie, happy!  But, there is a fine  art to making everyday makeup work! Nevertheless, there’s always something new to learn everyday on how one can capably apply makeup. Here are some useful tips, tricks and hacks you can use for your everyday makeup needs.

smokey-eyeBegin with a clean face: The foremost step while wearing makeup would be to have a clean face. Use a cleanser that is meant for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, use a medicated cleanser that has been prescribed to you. Do not use extremely hot water to wash your face and ensure the CTM – cleanse, tone, moisturize – routine. In some cases, if you are suffering from rashes, acne or any other skin condition, avoid scrubbing the area. It is important that one cleans their face before and after wearing everyday makeup.

Hack#1: Ditch the chemical-based scrubs and instead make your own scrub with coconut oil, lemon and sugar.

Moisturizing and sun-protecting: Irrespective of the weather, one should regularly wear a suitable moisturizer and sunscreen to retain the skin’s suppleness. Ensure to wear the sunscreen 20-30 minutes before getting out and moisturizer is mandatory. Since every skin type varies, choose what is best for your skin as a badly chosen sunscreen or moisturizer will either cause break outs or will make your skin look patchy.

Hack#2: Replace the over-the counter moisturizers with just olive oil or a combination of Aloe Vera and coconut oil.

Priming your face: Although not used by many, face primers are believed to add shine and retain the skin moisture with little damage caused from the makeup. Adding a primer also helps everyday makeup last long. All you need to do is dab a few drops of a suitable primer and work your way onto the rest of your face. Apply additional primer around your eyes if you’re doing heavy eye makeup.5-tips

Hack#3: If your skin is too dull, choose tinted formula primers with lilac shades to add that glow.

Applying foundation and Concealer : This is the most important step towards flawlessness. Not many of us are well-versed in choosing the right skin foundation. Seek the help of a beautician to get the right shade for your skin, because the wrong shade can really ruin any effect you were hoping for.  Foundations are available in the form of sticks, creams, liquids and mousse. They can also be chosen according to the skin type; either for sensitive, oily or dry skin. It is always better to apply a tester before buying the foundation. You can either choose a brush, sponge or your fingers to apply the foundation.  Even if it seems like too much, using foundation for everyday makeup helps you achieve that fresh-faced look.

Hack#4: Get a suitable contouring palette and follow the contouring tips to get that chiselled look on your face.

Bronzing and adding color to your face: Once you are complete with the foundation and concealer, highlight your cheekbones and other features such as nose and temples with a natural bronzer. Then, begin your eye makeup by applying an eye bronzer, eye shadow and eyeliner. Lastly, choose a suitable matte/glossy finish lipstick according to your look to complement your lips – perfect for that everyday makeup look.

Hack#5: Try a lip plumper instead of a lipstick to make your lips look fuller and shinier.

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