Top Tips For Natural Eye Makeup

Natural Eye Makeup – Top Tips

The natural eye makeup look will always be in. It does not matter what kind of party you are going to or who is coming for dinner. What will always be in style and something you can pull off in every occasion is the natural look. However, getting the perfect natural look is not easy; looking “natural” takes as much work as looking made up.

With natural eye makeup, you can create a beautiful look that will make you look lovely, yet simple. The idea is to take care of the body in order to look nice and presentable.

Natural eye makeup starts with the fresh face – Apply cooled tea bags or place cut cucumber to the eyes in order to relax them. The cooling properties work wonders for the tired eyes. A teaspoon of almond oil mixed with lime juice can be used on dark circles. A thin coat of castor oil applied on the eyebrows and eye lashes can also help cool the eyes while strengthening the eye lashes. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with plenty of rest will refresh the eyes in more ways than one.

When the eyes are clean and fresh looking, the lesser make up needed to hide issues like dark circles. This is the basic requirement for natural eye make-up.

The first thing to do before applying natural eye makeup is to make sure the face is clean of any previous make-up.  It can be cleaned with either cotton ball soaked in water or with a proper make-up cleanser. Rub the skin in tiny circles to cleanse. Eyebrows should get special attention.

Eye shadow

Fnatural eye makeupor natural eye makeup choose three shadows of different shades of the same colour family. The lightest shade is applied first. You should use it in inner-corner of the eye and brow-bone to light it up. Then the next shade is applied to the lid. Finally the darkest shade is used to blend the shadow into the crease. A thin eye liner applied as close to the lash line as possible along with a little mascara will blend all the shades of the eye shadow to achieve that simple look you have been waiting for.

A shimmering eye shadow can be used to highlight the brow. It gives a good finish.

Primer helps your eye shadow to last longer. It prevents the oils from creasing up the make-up. A concealer or foundation can be used as a base and then add a little bit of powder on the eye lid to make it last longer.

You need only three to four shades to create the basic and natural eye makeup look. The highlighter should be at least one shade lighter than your skin. The matt tone will help blend out your eye make-up softly. A contour shade must be at least two to three shades darker than your skin tone. This is to add shape and shadow. A black eye shadow is good for this.

The brushes used make all the difference between subtlety and overdone.

Begin with the flat brush at your lightest eye shadow. If you pick up too much, tap off the excess. Never blow on the brushes as it is unhygienic. Start right at the inner corner of the eye lid. This is where you would want the concentration of the product to be. You can blend it smoothly across the lid. You can pick up a little of the product with a slightly damp brush. It will not ruin the eye shadow, don’t worry. Apply as you would normally do. It will add a subtle shimmer and shine.

Using the flat brush, apply some beneath the eyebrows too. It will give a nice look. You can use your fingers to wipe off any excess.

Next with the fluffy brush, use the medium shade. Blend above the crease with your eyes open. Start at the corner and work inwards.

For the darkest shade, remember to keep the shadow at the very tip of the brush and start from the outer corner and blend into the crease on the outer corner of the eye. Blend well.

natural eye makeupFor underneath the eye, you can use the same flat brush. Taking a mix of the mid tone and the contour, sweep this underneath the eye to meet the highlights. You can join this to the outer edge to make it look complete. A hint of the black shadow can be used at the outer edge as close to the lashes with the same flat brush

Eye liner

With the eye pencil, when everyone’s first preference will be a black shade, you could pick brown. It is a lot softer and much nicer in natural eye makeup. Get the pencil on the outer corner of the eye with a line soft and close to the lashes. You can try to concentrate the colour to the outer corner of the eye. This makes your eye really stand out and open up. Really nice feathery strokes under the eye can look natural yet pretty. The trick is in how lightly the strokes are made in order to pull off the look.natural eyelahes


Excess mascara needs to be rubbed off the brush onto a tissue in order to avoid  a product overload on your lashes. In natural eye makeup, subtle is best and less is more. When running through the eye lashes, wriggle the brush a little bit. An eye lash comb can be used to run through your eye lashes. This is done in order to separate them out.

A trick with the eyelashes to make them curl up and naturally – with an ordinary tea spoon that you need to sanitize with alcohol, curl your lashes by holding the spoon upside down in your right hand and the lashes resting on your right thumb. Make smooth soft downward motions towards you. The heat caused by the friction of the rubbing with curl your lashes.

The fresh flawless look that will give the impression that you are not wearing any make-up is always a hit. Go for it. Give it a try. Be fresh. Be beautiful.