Cruelty Free Cosmetics Are No More Just An Idea

All those makeup and skin care items that you use on yourself have been tried and rested elsewhere before they have been approved to be sold on the market. You think they were all tested on fellow human beings? No! Though testing cosmetics on animals were the norm, cruelty free cosmetics is the new trend that is catching up at an alarming pace.

As a part of the animal rights movement, these cruelty free cosmetics are those that are not tested on animals. This trend is gaining popularity due to the fact that many animals have suffered and been killed in the process of testing various cosmetics, so that you and I could be given safe products that will help our skin.cruelty_2d00_free_2d00_bunny

How Is It Done

In the past, the various products were applied on animals like rabbits, mice and guinea pigs. If they were safe and no harm was caused, the products were declared safe to be used by humans. In the recent past, alternative methods have been found to do the testing. One such process is the reconstructed human epidermis, where actual human skin, donated during a cosmetic surgery is used for the testing purpose.

Not only will this protect the innocent animals but will give more accurate results too. This is because, the skin cells construction varies from organism to organism. Though the genetic construction of a human is close to that of a guinea pig or a rat, because of which they are used in labs for testing, they are not the same. Just because a product does not burn the skin of a rat, doesn’t mean it is safe for a human.

When actual human skin itself is used for the testing, the results are more accurate and there is very little processing of results that is required. (converting research data to represent the possible reaction on human skin).

Is It Popular

cruelty-free-makeup-727x404Though cruelty frees cosmetics is gaining popularity as people become more conscious about the effect a human’s action can have on animals. Though many have started adapting different techniques to test the cosmetics, only a fraction of the cosmetics industry is ready to change some of its ways, so that it can manufacture some cruelty free cosmetics.

Many brands are still staunch followers of the traditions means of testing cosmetics on animals. It is a general consensus that these cruelty free products are expensive and difficult to find. This is because, a company cannot go on testing its products on humans and let them suffer if in case the product is not a success. Hence the cost of its products will increase to make up for the costs incurred in the R&D and testing phase.

However, today there are a number of affordable brands that don’t test their products on innocent animals. They have other alternative means of testing. These products may be slightly more expensive than one of the low cost products available in the market, but these are of better quality and the results are more accurate than when tested on animals.

Give these cruelty free items a try before deciding if they are good for you or not. You may even be surprised by the end results produced by these products.