Contour Your face With Ease And Grace

Everyone wants to look their best anytime and every time. Not everyone is happy with the way they look sans makeup. But, makeup is not every girl’s best friend. It can sometimes get very tricky to nail down the right technique so that you look glamorous instead of overly done up.

Contouring is one of the most important and rewardable makeup tricks there is. But contouring your face is not that easy. Here are a few tips to get those perfect strokes so that you can give your face, the perfect angle.

Get The Tone Rightmaxresdefault

Not every product suits every skin tone. Just because, your favourite celebrity used a particular product or your favourite brand has come up with a new product, it doesn’t mean it is the right one for you. Every skin tone has a different shade of product and getting it right makes all the difference. You should always go in for a shade darker than your skin tone to highlight your face shape.

Identify Your Shape

Everyone has a different face shape. Diamond, square, circle, oval and heart shape are some of the many face shapes. Find out which shape you are as this is the most important factor in deciding how to contour your face.

Trace An Outline

  • Trace an inverted 3 starting from your temple and going till your ears
  • Move below your cheek bone till the middle of your cheeks
  • Go to your jaw line and trace it till the area just below your chin
  • For the nose, start broad at the brows and narrow down as you reach the tip to add length and sharpness.

Blend It In

Blending in the different shades is the key to getting the smooth finish.  Your contour colour should be a shade or two darker than your foundation and the best way to blend it is to use a damp makeup sponge or a beauty blender and blend in the colours by dabbing softly in circular motion.  Ensure to not use too much pressure while blending as it might merge too much of your product in areas not intended.

Highlight Right

Contouring your face requires you to use both light and dark shades on your face to get those beautiful angles and enhance your natural shape. Use lighter shade to brighten the under eye area. You can also highlight the bridge of your nose and the center of your forehead. Blend any excess product with your sponge.

Fluff It

A fluffy brush is a must have in every makeup kit. Use this brush to dust some loose powder all over your face to pack in all the products used. A powder will ensure your foundation and contouring will stay in place and not get smudged.  A fluffy brush will help you get the right amount of powder evenly spread all over. Hold the end of the brush and flick it over your face lightly using only outward strokes.

Contouring your face may seem complicated but with these tips, you are sure to nail it. Contour right and enjoy the attention.