Few Simple Steps To A Long Lasting Lip Colour

Stepping out for a long day? Done with all your makeup? Flaunting a beautiful pout aren’t you? Now, are you worried if your lipstick will stay all day long? Well, there are many brands offering long-lasting lip colour, to ensure you can flaunt that perfect pout all day long.

Now, is there a way you can ensure your lip colour lasts long? Yes, there is! Here are a few tips to help your lipstick a long lasting lip colour.


Any lip colour will look smooth and stay long only if your lips are flake free. The best way to get rid of dead skin is to scrub your lips regularly. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips regularly.


To achieve a long lasting lip colour, your lips have to be well hydrated. Instead of using the oily lip balms, go in for the ones that have a waxy consistency. This will ensure your lip color sticks on and doesn’t just slide off due to the slipper surface.


Use a bit of concealer on your lips. Yes, you read it right! Dabbing a little concealer on your lips will reduce the natural pink color of your lips, thereby allowing your lipstick’s color to show better. This works both ways. If you have dark lips, your lipstick’s shade will look different when combined with your natural tone. Using a little concealer will bring out the real colour of your lipstick.

Create A Barrier

If you are keeping up with the trend and are going in for a loud colour, you don’t want it to bleed onto the areas surrounding your lips. Now use a concealer to outline your lips, just like you would use a pencil. This will create a barrier and prevent your lip colour from bleeding. This is very important to attain a long lasting lip colour.


Using a lip pencil or liner to outline your lips is a key rule to applying any lipstick. Now outline your lips with your lip liner and slowly fill it in. this creates a base for your lipstick to stick on to. It also enhances the shade of your lipstick.

Apply Selectively

Next, apply the lip colour in smooth even strokes. Use small strokes in selective areas rather than just swiping it across your lips. This will facilitate a controlled application which results in even colored lips.

Fill in

Once you have applied it to selective areas, start filling in the gaps.

dsc_0260Powder Your Lips
This is the final and important step to ensure you have a long lasting lip colour. Take a tissue and place it gently on your lips. Don’t press it to your lips, for you don’t want the colour o come off.  Now take your powder brush and slightly dust a translucent power on your lips covered in tissue. This is the backstage secret used by many makeup artists to ensure their models’ lip colors stay long. This helps in setting the color.

Final Touch

Now finish with a final touch of a little more of your lipstick for that added pigmentation.

You are good to go and flaunt that pout all day long!


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