Confidence And Long Lasting Lipstick Go Hand In Hand

The whole world is talking about Kylie Jenner’s pout and all women are desirous of having a similar pout. Is it the lips or the lipstick that creates the magic? From time immemorial women have taken extra care to look attractive. Enhancing one’s lips is one way of improving one’s looks. A well-groomed look is incomplete without a proper lipstick.

Today, each lipstick shade is meant for a specific mood and a specific occasion. But irrespective of the shade or tone of the lipstick, women have always been troubled by lipsticks which just don’t stay the whole day. They have always craved for a long lasting lipstick which will reduce the frequent reapplications.long lasting lipsticks

Ingredients in your lipstick

The basic ingredients used in lipsticks fall broadly into four categories

  • Waxes – beeswax, paraffin and carnauba wax.
  • Oils and fats- lanolin oil, castor oil, olive oil and cocoa butter
  • Emollients- vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
  • – combinations of plant, animal, mineral or synthetic ingredients

 How are long-lasting lipsticks different from regular lipsticks?

 The basic ingredients in all lipsticks remain the same. Lipsticks that last longer are made of water based system but despite that just like normal lipsticks the long lasting ones too dry up.But there are two factors that make a lipstick last longer:

  • A strong pigment which stays for a longer time on the lips
  • The reduced oil in the lipstick which prevents the lipstick from sliding.

Tips to make your lipstick last longlong lasting lipsticks

You don’t have to invest in an all-day lipstick for that everlasting look. You can use your regular lipstick too because a long lasting lipstick is an accurate amalgam of application and the shade. Given below are a few tips on how to make your lipstick last long.

  1. Remove all dead skin flakes on your lips by scrubbing or using a lip exfoliator.
  2. Go for bright and darker shades as they have more pigment and hence will last longer than light colors which fade fast.
  3. Lipsticks are known to dry and chap lips. To make your lipstick last longer you must condition your lips by applying either vitamin C or E hydrate or with a lip conditioner.
  4. Use lip liner to accentuate and define the lips before filing them completely with the liner. The lipstick sticks to the way liner and hence remains longer.
  5. You need to apply at least two coats of lipstick for that finished look. Use a tissue to blot excess oil in the lipstick before applying a second coat.
  6. Finally brush some translucent powder or a similar colored powder blush on the lips.

How to remove long lasting lipsticks

However much you like your lipstick, at the end of the day you must remove it to let you lips breathe. Ideally Vaseline or olive oil should do the trick. In case you don’t have either then try a combination of brown sugar and honey. It will remove the excess lipstick and also moisturize the lips. Finally for the really stubborn residue use good old cold cream and gently massage it to remove all remnants and wipe off with a soft cloth.


Whether you prefer a matte finish or a cream one or even a frosty one, the fact remains that you want the lipstick to last as long as possible to reduce the frequency of reapplication. But a word of caution is a must here, your desire for that perfect lipstick should not risk your health. Ensure that you always select lead-free lipsticks.

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