How to use coconut oil for hair and make it radiant and healthy?

Coconut oil has been used in various households across the globe for cooking, on skin, hair and in medicines. Its medicinal properties are a major reason for its wide usage and popularity among people. With a wide range of chemicals being used as a major constituent in almost all beauty products, this magical oil continues to be the purest alternative. It also has antibacterial properties and anti-fungal properties along with antioxidants which could be beneficial for skin and hair. The medium chain fatty acids helps in better penetration into layers of surfaces, be it hair or skin. Any scalp or skin infections and itching could be ridden of with continuous use of this oil.

Coconut oil could be used for regular hair care and some shine and radiance could be visible after using it for a short duration. Applying on to the tresses every night or leaving it for a while before washing it helps in hair growth and conditioning. Applying a generous portion of it in the roots, and lightly massaging with finger tips helps in hair growth and also strengthens the root of hair.Coconut-and-Coconut-Oil

It is best to learn how to use coconut oil for hair as it works as conditioner and also fights dandruff. It is used for deep conditioning. Dry hair and dry scalp are hair conditions which result in problems such as hair fall and dandruff. Regular use of oil helps in making the scalp healthy.

Coconut-Oil-in-hairUse a scoop of hair oil, slowly starting with the roots; apply it to the tresses slowly. Make sure to not scratch the scalp with finger nails. Using cotton for application is also advised. Leaving the coconut oil on the scalp over night helps in deep conditioning and provides perfect results. Wash the oil off with a chemical free shampoo.

Coconut oil is an effective medicine for mild to moderate dandruff conditions. It penetrates deep into the roots and its anti fungal property helps in healing the skin imperfections and its antioxidant property helps in rejuvenating the skin tissues in the scalp. Generous application on to the roots along with a dash of lime juice helps in instant relief. Tying a towel dipped in warm water on the head after the application, helps in better absorption thus yielding perfect results. This process done on a regular basis helps in clearing dandruff and also inhibits its recurrence.

Coconut oil also has magical properties to cure damaged hair like split ends and dry hair conditions. The proteins and richness of coconut oil helps in retaining the goodness on the hair. There are different ways to use them for treatments. Warming the oil a bit and then massaging it onto the scalp helps in fighting damaged hair conditions.

The scalp secretes oil naturally and leaving the coconut oil on the scalp for long will only make your hair look greasy and limp. Thus it is very important to wash off the oil with the help of a good shampoo.

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