Trendy Colour Options For Your Mane


Hair colourColours – they bring out our personalities and help us express ourselves better. We dress in various shades and hues to suit our moods and the changing trends. Gone are the days where you had to restrict these colours to just your clothes or accessories.

Hair, your crowning glory can be coloured in various hues to bring out your personal style or to suit the changing trends. Don’t restrict yourself to the age old blacks, browns, blonde and brunette shades. Today, there are a number of hair colour ideas to express your unique sense of style and fashion.

Here are some of the hair colour ideas to express your style and attitude.

Out Of The Ordinary – If you are one of those who don’t like to be just another person in the crowd, you need a hair colour idea that can make you stand out in the crowd. Bright shades of purple and violets can add life to your tresses and make you look wild and fun loving.Hair-Colors

Smoky – If you want the mysterious look, start with a deep greyish purple, transition into a smoky lilac shade that ends with foggy pale lavender. These colours can make your hair look anything but ordinary and if you have long hair, the colour transition looks just lovely.  Ombré is the way to go if you don’t want your hair in one colour.

Seasonal – Welcome the summer with shades of watermelon. It is bright, vibrant and fun! If you are not scared to experiment, combine bright pinks with greens and make heads turn in your direction wherever you go.

Bleed Colour – Want a more professional look? You can chose any colour and let it graduate into darker shades as you move up to the scalp. One colour with multiple shades, depending on your style and hair length, one of the perfect hair colour ideas for fun and style, combined.

Nude Shades – Why should nude shades be restricted just to your makeup and shoes? Colour your hair with one of the neutral shades that make it look peaceful and elegant, no matter how you wear your hair.

Rose Gold – Choose one of the pink tinted blond shades. The rose gold is a preferred colour choice for jewellery, watches and mobile phones. Now you can sport this sophisticated colour on your head too.colour melting

Colour Melting – This new technique of hair colouring that is becoming very popular, involves colouring your hair in such a way that a multidimensional effect is achieved. Multiple tones of one colour are used in such a way that the colour just melts on top of your head. Different parts of your hair are in different tones, without a set pattern, making it look stylish yet sober.

Copper – The infamous copper tones are back with a bang. It is a shade of red that is perfect to add mystery and gloss to your hair. Brings out your skin tone and makes you look fun and approachable.

Root For Dark – colour your roots in a darker shade and let your face be framed by a lighter shade. This increases your style quotient, while being light on the pocket as all you have to colour are the roots and you can get a touch up once in few months without having to colour your entire hair.

As the trends change, colouring one’s hair is becoming an increasingly popular option to be stylish. Choose one these hair colour ideas and turn heads with ease.

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