Hair Colour Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

Love changing your appearance every now and then? Love to go fully dressed for a theme party? When you are dressed like a particular fictional character from head to toe, it is indeed fun. Well, you can change your clothes, get fake tattoos or ear piercings, makeup, shoes, accessories, everything can be changed to suit one look today and another tomorrow. What about your hair? Yes you can always get a wig, but how many? Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just change your hair colour and style to match the appearance you are aiming for? There are a number of tutorials online to help you change your hairstyle in minutes, but colour? Yes, you can change it too, temporarily!

Temporary Hair Colour

Here are a number of ways in which you can change the colour of your hair temporarily. Sport a colour today and change it back to your original or a new colour tomorrow.


Want to colour a complete section of your hair or just the ends? All you have to do with hair chalks is, choose the colour or colours you want on your hair, slightly wet them and rub it wherever you want your hair coloured. Voila! You have coloured hair within minutes. Once you wash your hair, the colour will be gone and your hair will be back to its natural colour.Temporary_hair_dye_05


Just grab a can of temporary hair colour spray and spray colour your hair in no time. They are available in a number of colours and you can find them in shops selling party favours. The colour will automatically wear off within a few hours and what doesn’t can be easily washed with your regular shampoo.


Hair gels are very common when it comes to styling. And when those gels come in different colours? It is a totally new experience. Just squeeze a little coloured hair gel onto your fingers and comb them through your hair and style as you would do with a regular hair gel. You can colour sections, tips or even the entire hair. It is quick, simple and easy to remove.

Eye Shadow

Yes you read it right. Eye shadow! The variety of colours you find in an eye shadow pallet or collection is incomparable. You have a number of shades in each colour, which are just slightly different from the other. Some of these shades cannot be achieved in any other form of makeup. So pick that perfect colour and rub it on wet and conditioned hair. Apply the colour couple of times till you get the desired shade and seal it with a hair spray. They are easy to remove; in fact they are known to come off on your fingers as you touch your hair. They are very temporary but give you a wide range of colour options.


Coloured mascara can be used to colour your hair too, just like eye shadows. However, applying this is much simpler as all you have to do is just pull your coloured mascara wand through your hair like you coat your lashes.

Colour your hair yourself for a fraction of the original colouring cost and have the freedom to flaunt a different colour as frequent as every day

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