Coconut oil for hair care – Take care naturally

Not all coconut oils are created same and equal. It is a fact that oil should be unadulterated, pure, and natural. It should be free from synthetic and artificial flavors, herbal extracts and the likes. Pure coconut oil for hair care is what is required for it to work effectively and efficiently.

tips_for_using_coconut_oil_for_hair_careThere is a multitude of benefits, out of which hair care is one of the most important. Coconut oil for hair care promotes healthy growth and gives the hair a shiny quality. There is reduced protein loss which prevents unattractive looking hair and reduced quality. Coconut oil is also used in conditioners and various other hair related products such as dandruff relief creams.

Benefits of coconut oil for hair care

  • Provides required proteins to nourish and heal damaged hair
  • Protects hair from damage due to hygral fatigue
  • Reduces protein loss in the hair and moisturizes it from root to the tip
  • Environmental damage such as the sun, smoke and wind is reduced when the hair is coated with coconut oil. Regular day to day wear and tear is also prevented.
  • Lice prevention, dandruff treatment, and hair loss prevention are some of the other benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut-Oil-Hair-CareUses of coconut oil for hair care

  • Hair mask – Rub the oil on your hair and let it sit for a while. An overnight is also a good idea. Wash it out next day morning.
  • Pre-wash hair protector – Protects hair from damage
  • Conditioner – After a wash with shampoo, comb the oil through the hair. This works as a tool to detangle as well.
  • Scalp treatment – The scalp is thoroughly nourished. The dryness is prevented and cured. Dandruff is reduced.
  • The base for hair colouring – It is an excellent medium to mix hair colouring. As the oil is absorbed faster, the colour of hair is more vibrant and does not fade quickly.

How to apply

  • Start with small amounts of hair oil and increase it as you deem fit.
  • Short hair would need one teaspoon of oil. Longer and thicker hair would require two to three, depending on how oily the hair is.
  • Heat the oil to the right temperature by pouring some in a bowl and placing it in hot water. Directly heating the oil can reduce its nutrients.
  • Massage the oil gently into the scalp and from the roots to the tip. It spreads easily through damp hair.

When to apply

is-coconut-oil-good-for-your-haircoconut-oil-myth-or-miracle-you-can-thrive-akj6dup9Rub oil on the hair before or after a wash. This prevents damage to a great extent. The amount of damage that a hair could be prone to during the wash is reduced when it is applied before. Hair is very vulnerable when wet. It needs all the protection it can get during scrubbing.

Coat the hair with coconut oil after a wash. It becomes smoother and softer. The amount of friction caused by styling is reduced. There is a lesser chance of snagging and breaking of the hair.

Brushing and styling also reduce the quality of the hair and can hurt it. Apply coconut oil before exposing the hair to heat and other equipment.

It is believed that the chemical structure of the oil enables it to protect the hair. Absorption of this oil into the hair shaft is easy because of the lauric acid present in the oil. This is one of the main reasons coconut oil for hair care is very popular and promoted over other oils.

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