Turmeric and your beauty: A timeless relationship

If you have ever been in a quintessentially Indian kitchen, chances are you would have well cited small ginger like roots being crushed under the mortar and pestle and added to the recipe being made. Well, that is turmeric for you.  Did you know turmeric has been an ancient herb for healing? If not then you have every reason to read on, especially those, looking up to an exclusive natural way for beauty treatment.

A turmeric face pack, is one of the oldest signature recipes for flawless glowing skin. Given this golden spice’s immense healing and anti-inflammatory components, when mixed with other natural ingredients, it can leave your skin feeling hydrated, supple and glowing for years to come.

Scars and turmeric:

Turmeric-Face-MaskIf you are troubled with skin where freckles, pox, acne scars have played havoc, preventing you from feeling good about your appearance, you need to get your hands on the turmeric. Here’s a few recipes for the best combinations for turmeric face packs that will work for any kind of skin trouble:

  • To begin with crush turmeric root (not the dried root) in a blender or mortar and pestle to a fine paste
  • To this you can add various ingredients depending on what skin issue you want to resolve.
  • If you have an oily to combination skin, add a few drops of lemon juice or add some sandalwood powder dissolved in water.
  • For normal skin, that needs extra moisturizing, add some milk cream to the turmeric with sparing drops of lemon oil.
  • For with dry skin, you can choose to add either curd or honey to it; or even a teaspoon or little more of glycerin would do along with the crushed turmeric.

Scars, however, are a whole other ball game. Not only do they leave you with a permanent reminder of an unpleasant event, they also chip away at your confidence. For this peculiar problem, what you need is Neem. For the anti-scar paste, you will need

  • Finely crushed turmeric root
  • Finely crushed Neem leaf
  • Combine the two and apply directly over scars or other marks, you will see wondrous results in a matter of days.

Your skin’s best friend

Looking for that wonder treatment for a dull skin? Again, turmeric face pack in some form comes to your rescue. A short list can provide you with several options to explore.

  • Take turmeric, crush it well, mix it with some milk (cream would be best), be careful to add not much if you have an oily skin, few strands of saffron and apply it uniformly on your face. Leave it for half an hour and wash off. Luxurious skin would peep out.
  • Apply a face pack consisting of turmeric, gram flour and add to it a spoonful (more if you are prone to dry skin) of honey or mashed bananas. Let it dry for sometime and you will unveil a brand new glow in skin.
  • Another pack would entail taking turmeric, mashed ripe papaya (two tablespoon), few drops of rose water and lemon juice sparingly (in case you are prone to oily skin). Let it dry for some time and wash it off using milk dipped cotton balls. You would be surprised to see the results.

Instead of exposing your skin to the harshness of chemicals used in market available face packs, simply reach back to nature, get hold of the turmeric and get amazed at what turmeric face pack can do to you. Applied regularly, glow and breakout free skin would be yours forever.

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