Slather On The Best Serum For Dry Skin And Stay Hydrated

Your skin is the first thing everyone notices. Apart from the genetic makeup of your skin, the weather, pollutants and the products you use also has a big impact on your skin. It is not just the face but rest of the body needs equal attention. Your hands and legs also get dried and rough, like your face, when not cared for. In order to tackle the dryness, you need the best serum for dry skin.

how-to-make-your-face-beautiful-and-attractiveJust like you use serums for your hair, you have a variety of serums for your skin. It may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, as the importance skin serums have not been established like that of hair serums. However, when you use the best serum for dry skin, you are bound to see immediate results.

Your skin will look healthier, more radiant and well nourished. This is because the best serum for dry skin packs a good dosage of nutrients and when it is applied to your skin directly, it penetrates better and hence better results.

How Are These Serums Different

Yes, you have a number of face creams and moisturizers that help you combat the skin dryness. Especially if you swear by your moisturizer, you may not experience much of the skin dryness issue. However, serums are not moisturizers and they work in a whole different way.

Creams are applied on the skin and they stay there, on top. The cream forms a protective barrier and retains the hydration and ensures the skin does not get too dry. However, a serum penetrates the skin. It is packed with nutrients and is made of small molecules that can penetrate the skin. These serums deliver concentrated dosages of anti-oxidants, collagen builders and anti-ageing ingredients.

The serums are mostly water based, hence can effectively add water based ingredients, deep into the skin layer. This results in better absorption and brightens the skin in very little time. It need not replace your moisturizer but it has to be an essential part of your skin routine, so that you can get the best out of your skin.moisturizing-face-serum

What To Look For

There are a number of serums for skin, in the market. Just like a face wash or a moisturizer, different serums are made for different skin types and problems. How do you find the best serum for dry skin? Here are the ingredients you should look for in a serum:

Hydration – The most basic requirement for dry skin is hydration. Find a serum with hydrating properties that can penetrate your skin. Ensure you don’t buy anything that can leave your skin oily and heavy. Find a serum that dries up well after application, as you need to use these serums under your moisturizer or makeup, if using on the face.

SPF – The harsh rays of the sun can rob your skin of essential nutrients, thus making it very dry and look unhealthy. Find a serum with SPF, and apply it at regular intervals, if you are sweating or physically very active.

Anti-Ageing – Dry skin looks much older. When your skin is not well nourished and hydrated, it is very evident. Find a serum with anti-ageing ingredients to reverse the effects of dryness on your skin.


Now that you know a little more about skin serums and know what to look for while buying one, choose the right serum for your dry skin and enjoy a well nourished healthy skin.

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