A Few Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

Skin, the very first thing you notice on others. When you have dry, rough skin, the first thing you notice about someone is how soft, dewy and well nourished it is. Worry not! You are not alone and there are a number of beauty tips for dry skin. A little bit of care and using the right type of products for your skin type will do the trick.

DIY Solutionsalmond

Yes, there are a number of creams and lotions in the market that can keep your skin well nourished. However, you never know what goes into the making of these creams and going the DIY way is just fun. You can experiment different things and find the perfect solution for your skin.

Here are a few DIY beauty tips for dry skin:

Milk – Not just good for your bones, but for your skin too. You can either use whole milk cream or use the thick cream from the top of the milk. Apply this onto your face and massage it with your finger tips.

Wipe it off with a cotton or sponge soaked in cool water. You will find your skin smooth, silky and well nourished.

Almonds – It is a known fact that intake of almonds can do wonders to your heart and skin. However one cannot always eat the almonds. Instead, grind a few skinned almonds with milk and urvashi-gandhi-honey_mintmelted butter, until smooth. Now apply this on your face to get rid of dry aging skin and prevent wrinkles.

Honey – The delicious natural remedy for dry skin. All you have to do is apply a little honey on the dry areas of your face. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and wash it off with water. Honey moisturizes your skin from within and gives a smooth and youthful appearance to you face.

Other Tips

Now that you know some beauty tips for dry skin, where you can make your moisturizing pack right at home, here are a few do’s and don’ts for dry skin:


  • Always moisturize your skin, especially after your shower. You skin needs moisturizer after the soap and water rips it away.
  • Use products that are meant for each part of your body. Do not use a body lotion on your face or use products for some other skin type, because your sister or mother uses it.
  • Eat healthy. Fizzy drinks and candies can dry your skin from the inside and cause breakouts. Eat healthy fruits that will increase the moisture content in your skin


  • Never go to bed with your makeup on. It is time consuming to get it off but leaving your makeup over night is one of the worst things you could do to your skin.
  • Don’t step out in the sun without sunscreen or moisturizing your skin. If it is cold outside, your skin will dry faster. Always carry some moisturizer with you for a quick fix.

Now that you know a few beauty tips for dry skin, take good care of your skin and ensure it is always moisturized, both on the inside and outside.

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