Waterproof Mascara – How To Remove Something That Won’t Come Off

Difficult question – how to remove waterproof mascara?

All of us love that mascara which gives you those beautifully full, thick long lashes. You sweep them on for that instant glam look, not just for night outs or indoor parties, but even for those hot beach parties and outdoor endeavors, because waterproof mascara won’t run even if you sweat! But what happens when you are done with your day and you ask how to remove waterproof mascara? Removing waterproof mascara can be quite tricky but we have some handy tips that can save you time, effort and your lashes.Waterproof mascara

Continue reading this article we show you how to remove waterproof mascara.

Makeup Remover

A makeup remover is a must have for those who love their makeup. It can remove anything from a lip stain to waterproof mascara.

  • Dip a cotton pad in makeup remover, making sure it is fully wet and moist. Place the cotton pad on your eyelid for about a minute and gently tap/ rub over the cotton pad. Remove the pad in a sweeping motion, wiping away as much makeup as possible.
  • Fold the pad and gently rub away the mascara using short straight strokes. Keep folding the pad to get a clean edge, as and when the pad gets discolored. Repeat this process with another clean cotton pad soaked in makeup remover, if needed.
  • Make sure to clean away excess product with a clean cotton pad or tissue, so that it doesn’t get into your eyes as this can irritate your eyes and may cause them to redden.
  • Once the thick coating of mascara gives way and you feel your lashes returning to their usual texture, use a face towel soaked in warm water to wipe away the excess product without irritating your skin.
  • Wash using warm water if needed. It is always better to moisturize your face, as makeup remover tends to dry up your skin.
  • One can choose from a number of makeup removers available in the market, based on their skin tone.

Cold Cream

Many swear by their cold cream, and it is an important part of their nightly routine. You can dab some cold cream on your lashes for a few minutes before wiping it off gently. This doesn’t dry up your skin like a makeup remover. But make sure to clean it off properly with a clean tissue or cotton pad to avoid getting it into your eyes. Cold creams are heavy and tend to seep into your eyes.

Go Natural

How to remove waterproof mascaraFor those of you who are not very keen on using a makeup remover, you may ask how to remove waterproof mascara naturally.
You can use a variety of oils to remove your waterproof mascara easily.

Olive Oil

Not only is olive oil gentle on your skin while removing makeup, it acts as a good moisturizer too. Olive oil saves a lot of your time and you don’t need much of the product to remove your waterproof mascara.

Petroleum Jelly

This is very convenient to use and cost effective. You don’t need a cotton pad or loose cotton to apply this product over your eyes. The product can be taken on your finger tips and applied to your eye lids and lashes gently. Let it sit for a few minutes and then gently remove it using a clean cotton pad or a moist towel, making sure you don’t get any of the product into your eyes.

Baby Oil

One of the most versatile liquids which comes in handy to remove makeup even as tough as a waterproof mascara. Baby oil contains petroleum; hence one should be careful to not get any into their eyes.

Dip a cotton pad or ball into baby oil and place it underneath your eyelashes for couple of minutes. Once the mascara breaks, gently wipe away the mascara using short strokes in the same direction. Once the mascara is removed, use a clean cotton pad or tissue to remove the excess oil, to prevent it from getting into your eyes. You can also leave on the oil as it can serve as an excellent moisturizer overnight.

Coconut Oil

Another oil, with moisturizing properties like olive oil. It can be used in the same way as olive oil. However, coconut oil is lighter than olive oil and may not need much of cleaning up after removing the mascara.


How to remove waterproof mascara more efficiently?How to remove waterproof mascara
Irrespective of the product used to remove your waterproof mascara, one can use the following techniques to make the removal process effective and easier.

  • Place a cotton pad or cotton ball soaked in makeup remover / oil, underneath the upper eye lashes, in order to get to the areas that are actually coated with mascara (underside of your upper lashes and upper side of your lower lashes). Let it sit for a few minutes to let the mascara break away, before you wipe it off.
  • Place a sponge underneath your lashes and use a Q-tip dipped in the removal product and gently rub it on the lashes, till the mascara falls off. This technique gives you cleaner lashes by making sure each lash is cleaned as much as possible, but it is very time consuming.

Things To Remember

  • No matter what product is used, always let a cotton pad soaked in the product sit on your eyelids for a few seconds. This will help the mascara break away from your lashes.
  • Though petroleum jelly needn’t be applied using a cotton pad, it takes more time than a regular makeup remover or oil.
  • Always use gentle short strokes in a downward or upward direction, as needed. Never tug at the lashes or try to rub away the mascara vigorously.
  • Applying numerous coats of waterproof mascara is not only unnecessary, but will also make removing it more complicated and difficult.


Applying mascara requires technique and a steady hand to get those perfectly coated lashes. Removing them also requires patience and the right technique and product, to make sure your lashes and skin don’t get damaged. Ideas discussed above will definitely help you remove those in a better way. You shouldn’t never again ask yourself how to remove waterproof mascara.

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