Simple Steps – How To Remove Mascara Easily?

How To Remove Mascara – Few Simple Ways

Many women has been struggling with one question – How To Remove Mascara. Mascara, especially waterproof mascara, is long-lasting as it can stand tears, sweat and water from rain, pools and beaches. It can make your eyelashes look voluminous and longer, but at the same time it is very hard to remove. The different ways how to remove mascara are described below:

makeupUsing a makeup remover


  • Start off by splashing some water on the eyelashes and wet them.
  • Put some makeup remover liquid on a pad or cotton ball. Close your eyes, press the pad gently on your eyelash and hold it for a few seconds. This step dissolves the mascara on the eyelash. Make sure the mascara doesn’t get into your eyes to avoid any infections or irritation.
  • Once the mascara breaks down, wipe-off the eyelashes downward by moving the pad in the direction of hair growth. Do not drag the cotton pad upwards as it can lead to tugging, and pull off your eyelashes.
  • Now, open your eyes and check in mirror. If there’s more stubborn mascara on your eyelash, then continue to press the pad with the remover until it dissolves the mascara and then wipe to remove the mascara.
  • The bottom eyelashes are softer than the upper eyelashes and a q-tip dipped in the make-up remover solution can be used to wipe.
  • For any leftover traces, wash your face with a gentle face wash or cleanser, and then rinse using lukewarm water to get mascara completely off your face.
  • The chemicals in the makeup remover usually dry off your skin, so it’s important to use a good moisturizer after washing.

How to remove mascara using olive oil or coconut oilHow To Remove Mascara           

Olive oil and coconut oil are a natural way to remove mascara.In addition, the oils naturally hydrate the skin. Few drops of olive oil or coconut oil must be taken on a cotton ball and pressed against your eyelash. Leave the cotton on your eyelash for few seconds to one minute, and then gently wipe off. Wash your face with a cleanser and moisturize.

How To Remove MascaraHow to remove mascara using petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can be applied on the eyelashes using your finger or a cotton pad. It must stay put for about five minutes. It can then be wiped off using wet cotton. Since petroleum jelly is a byproduct of gasoline, any impurities present in the petroleum jelly can irritate your eyes. Using a good brand is very important if you choose to use on your eyes. Once you’re done, make sure you moisturize the skin as the jelly itself is not a moisturizer.

How to remove mascara using baby shampoo

A baby shampoo is not sold as a mascara remover; however, it is much cheaper than the other makeup removal products. Moreover, baby shampoo is chemical free and is made of a no-tears formula. This makes it is an ideal product to break down mascara without irritating your eyes or skin.

Whatever product you use to break down the mascara, make sure you wash your face using a cleanser and then apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

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