How To Do Eye Makeup? Guide for Makeup Beginners

How To Do Eye Makeup – Learning From The Best

Eyes are the most prominent feature on your face, and everyone loves to showcase their eyes! Most women are blessed with naturally good-looking eyes, but a bit of makeup can enhance that even more. Even if you don’t think you have gorgeous eyes, you can make them attractive with a bit of effort. If you are a makeup newbie, here is a general guide to help you how to do eye makeup.

Tips for how to do eye makeup

Eye makeup constitutes of eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. Let’s have a look at some tips to How to do eye makeup and get each of these perfect.


  • First, get the rigeye makeupht eyeliner complementing your eye and skin color.
  • To get smudge-free eyelid, wipe your lids with makeup remover before application.
  • Wings help make your eyes look bigger. To get the perfect wing, open your eyes; look straight to the mirror and draw a line on the outer corners.
  • Apply your liner closer to the lash-line to get a natural look.
  • For Smokey eyes, use pencil eyeliner and smudge with your finger to give naturally gorgeous look.
  • Often, elderly women tend to have reluctance to use eyeliner. Rather than avoiding it, substitute with subtle colors like grey or brown followed by ample mascara.


  • For proper application, apply mascara from root to tip to give enough volume and to avoid weighing down lashes.
  • To prevent clumps, apply couple of coats without re-dipping the wand.
  • To use mascara for longer time, avoid pumping the mascara wand inside the bottle. Instead, swirl the wand.
  • If you are using eyelash curler, make sure the lash tips are moist and not dried.
  • To prevent smudging on the lower eyelid, place a tissue/blotting paper under the lashes.

Eye shadow

  • The first step to eye-shadow application is to put primer around the eyes.
  • Get quality brushes which ensure perfect blending. Flat brushes are for applying and fluffy ones are for blending the shadow.
  • If you are more of an eye-shadow person, apply a white liner to make the eye shadow stand out.
  • Again, for Smokey eyes; use a pencil and complementing eye-shadow for better effect.

Beginners tips on how to do eye makeup

  • Get a blotting paper handy to remove excess eye-shadow without touching eyeliner.
  • Blow-dry your lash curler for instant curling. Just ensure that your curler is not too hot.
  • To ensure better finish to your facial makeup, do your eye makeup first.
  • If you focus on eyes, give your lips a nude look to your lips and vice versa.
  • Use lighter shade of eye shadow in the inner corner to give a brighter look to your eyes.
  • Enhance your brows using a concealer or foundation towards the outer corners for giving a perfect definition.
  • It is always better to shape your brows to get a perfect finish.

Tips for how to do eye makeup

How to do eye makeupIf you are looking for ways to get that perfect eye makeup that lasts all day, have a look at these simple tips. Following these guidelines can give you the perfect eyes you would love to flaunt entire day.


Give an even area to work on using the concealer. Cover up those bluish or purplish areas with a dab of concealer using a pad or brush. Apply three dots of concealer at the inner corner, under the pupil and outer edge; pat them until the concealer disappears. Use more concealer under the eyes if you have dark circles. You could skip this step if you have perfect skin.


Proper priming ensures lasting makeup and a smoother finish. Apply a dot of a good quality primer on each upper lid and blend it in with finger. This will keep your eye-shadow intact even after your workout, a good cry, rain or after a night’s sleep.


If you love casual looks, eyeliners are not a must. But if you have the talent to blend it well, this can make your eyes look prominent without revealing your effort. Use either liquid or preferably a darker eye-shadow and line as close as possible to the lashes from inner to outer corner. Do the same on bottom also, but you don’t want such a prominent line. Use a dark eye-shadow and brush to blend in the look for Smokey eyes.

Eye-shadowHow to do eye makeup

Invest in a good quality eye-shadow that promises lasting impact. There are quite few in the market that will wash off in minutes after the application. Find a great pigmented eye-shadow. Dab a lighter shade on the inner part of eyelid for bright eyes and a little bit on the lower eyelid too. It is good to go for a lighter shade for day time purposes and darker shades for evening. Apply from your lids to brow and work on each one like a rainbow that gradually blend in, starting with lighter shade on the lids and more obvious shades towards the brow. Also, apply a bit of your lightest eye-shadow on the inner corner of your eye to give a much brighter and pop look.


Heat your curler just enough. Best option is to give a hot air blow for around 3 seconds and check the heat on your arm before you clamp. Be careful with this part since there could be accidents. Curling gives long, even lashes that look more sexy and gorgeous.

Eye brow

To give an enhanced, perfectly shaped brow, give a dab of the lightest shade eye-shadow on your brow bone. Do this, starting from your mid brow and work outwards. Blend the whole thing in with your finger to give a natural finish.


Last, but not the least, this magic wand can make your eyes pop. Swirl the brush inside the bottle, place the wand on the bottom of your lashes and work toward the tip. Place a blotting paper right below the lower lid and repeat the same to get wide, bright and beautiful eyes.

Eye makeup is not just makeup for your eyes but it’s a magic that will beautify your eyes! With the steps discussed above, you will now know how to get that magic to your eyes.

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