How to Apply Eye Shadow? The Magic in the Brushstroke

How To Apply Eye Shadow – A Quick Guide

Have you ever been struggling how to apply eye shadow?  When it comes to makeup, there are so many kinds of faces to look at. The ones that carry of the simple eye pencil and lip gloss look, and others who need an entire shelf’s worth of product. There’s so much to choose from, it can be intimidating. But, once you figure out the magic in the brushstroke, you won’t feel like a novice who would rather just apply lip balm. With makeup, training and practice is the key to finesse and, as they say, having the game on fleek!

Be Prepared

Technique, the right product, lots of practice is the key to how to apply eye shadow; more so when you are trying to learn eye makeup. Following a few simple steps as part of your makeup routine will make the process easier.

Choose the right colors

if you ask how to apply eye shadow the first thing you should to is choosing the right colors.eye-color
The plethora of options to choose from when you step into a store could actually perplex you. But you also have the flexibility to now settle for options you have always dreamnt. It helps when you have a palette consisting of one light, one intermediate and one dark color on hand. This color combination works for all occasions.

It is also important to choose the color that will highlight your eye color. If you have blue eyes, earthy colors like grey and brown will work wonders. Natural colors work the best for hazel eyes. Brown eyes look pretty when complemented with fresh colors like pink. When you choose the right color, half the work is done.

Using a Primer

Before applying the chosen color to your eye lids, it is important to prepare them. Just like you use a foundation or primer to hold on to your make up and make it look perfect, a coating over your eyes helps holding your eye makeup in place. This prepares the area around the eyes, makes the shadows last longer and look crease free and perfect.

Brush strokes

Initially when you start, the most annoying thing could be learning is how to apply eye shadow, is how to use the brush. There are so many brushes available now to choose from. It is important to follow some steps when you start off –

  1. Look into the mirror and place the brush exactly where the contour of your eyebrows are.
  2. Just visualize a line from the highest point to the crease of eyes.
  3. Starting from the crease point, blend the color slowly, towards the outward direction of the eye. Just follow same steps till you reach the beginning of the eye brows.
  4. Once the upper part is done, begin slowly with an inward direction moving towards the brow bone.
  5. Also important to pick little shadow at a time and blend smoothly with swift actions of brush. The strokes have to be small and swift to get the blended look.

 Applying two shades on your eye

Using two colors has been on trend for a long time. Using one single color, two or even multiple color all depends on your taste, the palette you choose and how you want your eyes to look. Using one color on your eyelids gives a neat look. However two colors amps up your look and to apply eye shadow

  • Usually the eyeballs are darker outside. For a deeper look, choose a darker shade and apply it along the corners of the eye. It elevates the color and makes you look ravishing.
  • Apply right makeup before starting with eye shadow and use brush strokes so the colors outside the eyes merge and look natural.
  • Applying a single light color to the lid will make it look bigger and fuller. Applying a dark color all over the lid will reverse the look making huge eyes look smaller.
  • Applying a light color along the lid and the darker color along the crease will give a defined look to the eyes.
  • Pick up a large brush with a lighter color, start at the base and proceed towards the brow blending the color nicely.
  • Pick a smaller brush, start over at the crease, blending all the way to the outer corner of the eye. Choose the second color for smaller brush, this will highlight the arch and bring about a nice shade to layer on outer corners.
  • Use a blending brush, and with small circular strokes blend the colors along the crease for a softer and fuller look.

Applying multi color shades on your eyehow to apply eye shadow

  • Applying 3 or 4 colors to the eyelids make it look dramatic and intense. When using 3 colors, the third color has to be applied right along the crease. When using 4 colors, the brush for the 4th color needs to be detailing brush, which professionals use. Following the steps for a two color palette, just apply the third shade with a crease-defining brush. Choose a color and start applying in a neat stroke along the crease. Blend this color outward and merge it perfectly.
  • Pick a dense and pointed brush for the fourth color. Start along the back corner of the lid, gently use small strokes and finish off.
  • Once done applying the fourth color on the back, use the third color again to darken the crease. This will give depth to the colors and highlight the detailed work.
  • A lustrous or shiny shadow along the brow will add a sophisticated look to the eyes. This hides the wrinkles in a better way too. It is important to use a bare minimum of two brushes, one for each color. Using appropriate ones bring about a finesse which is hard to achieve otherwise.
  • Using four colors, where the fourth color, preferable a darker one to the back corner of eyelids helps in achieving shape. This technique takes a while to settle, once mastered; it highlights the eyes amazingly. Tip off any excess powder from the smaller brush when you are highlighting the areas. Excess powder sometimes causes a flaky and smudged look.

Now, I hope those how to apply eye shadow steps will help you to know about applying eye shadow.

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