Get The Cat Eye Makeup Right Every Time

Everyone wants to look their best when they step out.  Makeup needn’t necessarily mean you need to do up your entire face. Just the eyes can make a huge difference to your appearance. When you want to keep your makeup light yet stand out in the crowd, the cat eye makeup is the perfect eye makeup

Mastering the cat eye makeup can take some time and practice. Here are a few simple steps to help you achieve the perfect cat eye.

Things Required

When you want to sport the perfect cat eye, you need to have the right type of eyeliner. A dry eye pencil can work; it may not be very easy and smooth to apply. The liquid or gel eyeliners can help you get the perfect cat eye.

How To Get The Cat Eye Makeup Right?

Here are a few simple steps to help you get the perfect look-

  • For this look, start drawing your line from the middle of your upper eyelid, instead of starting from the inner corner.
  • If you want a subtle look, draw a thin line. However, if you want to be more dramatic and mysterious, draw a thick line. Use a thick pencil or if you are using a liquid or gel liner, use a few strokes to achieve the desired thickness.
  • Now draw a thin line from the inner corner of your upper eyelid. This will ensure the line is thin in the corner and thick from the center.756cd649c9cf13b6e180f8c2cbccb073
  • Now, create the wing for your cat eye by drawing a straight line from the end of your lash line, and angle up along the crease line. This will help you get a good angle for your wing. If you want a dramatic look, create an elongated wing. If you want a less dramatic and a softer look, draw a smaller wing.
  • Next create a triangle at your wing by drawing a thin line from the edge of your wing to the end of your lashes (the point where your wing starts). This can be thick or thin, according to your need. A thin wing will accentuate your cat eye and add more drama to your look; while a thick line would make it look more naturally curved and give you a softer look.
  • Once you have achieved the perfect wing of the desired length and angle, fill in the triangle and add more coats of the eyeliner.
  • Use an ear bud dipped in makeup remover or baby oil, to remove unwanted lines or to correct imperfections.

 cat eye makeupSimple Trick For The Perfect Cat Eye Makeup

Having a hard time drawing the perfect wing every time? Try cutting out a triangle on a card (can be any card). Now place the card on your eyelid in such a way that the cut out triangle forms the wing area for the cat eye makeup. Now fill it in with your eyeliner and remove the card. Finish up the rest of your eye makeup and sport the perfect cat eye every single time.

Try different sizes and angles of triangle until you can find the right wing for your cat eye. Preserve this card or make duplicates of the final cut out.

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