Make An Eyebrow Tinting Kit A Useful Addition To Your Make Up Kit

Eyebrows can make or mar a face; well-defined and shaped eyebrows render your face character while negligible eyebrows make you look old and shriveled. Besides that, the shape, color and thickness of your eyebrows accentuate a well-groomed look. Therefore, it is paramount that you pay special attention to your eyebrows especially as you age because when you start getting older your eyebrows too start to thin and fade. At this point in time investing in a good eyebrow tinting kit will be a good option.

What is eyebrow tinting?eyebrow tinting kit

Just what the name suggests – like you tint your hair, you tint your eyebrows for that perfect look. With the use of semi-permanent vegetable dyes you can improve the color, shape and thickness of your eyebrows.  Eyebrow tinting is high maintenance, but think of the transformation that appropriate tinting will bring to your face.

You will need to touch up every three to four weeks but it differs from person to person. People who are physically active and sweat more might need to touch up more frequently. But the key to achieve the snazzy look will depend on the correct tone and shape of the eyebrow that can highlight the shape of your face and enhance your skin tone while drawing attention to your eyes.

Eyebrow tinting kit

You can buy DIY kit over the counter at any pharmacist, or online.Or you can opt for a professional to tint your eyebrows. There are several reputed salons with well qualified beauticians who can do the job.

All eyebrow tinting kits will comprise of

  • Measured Color capsules
  • Instructions on how to mix the dye and the conditioner
  • A mixing cup
  • Spatula or wooden stick
  • Maybe eyebrow shaping wax strips.

How to tint your brows?

eyebrow tinting kitNow that you have your eyebrow tinting kit ready you are all set to revamp your looks. Firstly apply Vaseline all around the eyebrows to prevent the color from staining the surrounding skin. Now, mix the dye and conditioner according to the instructions given in the pack. Start applying from the inside corner using the applicator provided. You need to keep the tint for the exact time on the kit which most often will be 5-10 minutes. You can wipe off the tint with a damp cotton wipe.

Do not judge the color till the tint has dried completely. Initially the skin between the brows too is stained and as result you end up with brows that look a tad darker than expected. But within a day or two they will look fine.

The various shades of eyebrow tints

It is always advisable to tint your eyebrows only one or two shades darker or lighter than your original color for a natural look. A few of the tints available in the market are:eyebrow tinting kit

  • Black – use only if have black hair.
  • Taupe – this beige-brown color is ideal for light blonds and fair skinned people.
  • Chestnut or auburn–preferably for a brunette or a redhead.
  • Blonde – for people with fair hair or skin who want their eyebrows lightening.

Is eyebrow tinting safe?

The dye used for tinting eyebrows is vegetable derived and free of any kind harmful chemicals unlike the hair dye. Just like you need to check the reaction of your skin to any new product, you have to follow a few safety precautions before you apply the dye.Carry out the patch test and wait for 24 hours before you tint your eyebrows.

It’s time to experiment a new look with eyebrows matching your hair color.