On Fleek Eyebrows For Everyone!

We live in a world where our looks are the first impression that we leave. Just like experimenting with hair color, eyebrow tinting is the new way to highlight an often under looked feature! This is particularly helpful for people who have light colored brows and those who have to spend time every day to fill in their brows with colour. So, women and men of the world, rejoice! This beauty treatment is definitely here to make life easy for all of us.

39ff08d6e59b9e342dcb09e791dd9703The treatment not only helps to pull a nice look without having to dab makeup daily but can save crucial minutes just before attending a major do or making an impression at work. It is an antithesis to the hair removal techniques like tweezing, waxing and threading. The tinting is done with a semi-permanent vegetable dye and it visibly helps to increases the color, shape and the thickness of the eyebrows in say less than twenty minutes. The result is very impressive as evident from before and after pictures of people who have undergone this beauty treatment.

The dye used can last for about two whole weeks and there will be a need for a fresh coat only by the end of the fourth week. The dye does not fade away but the life cycle of the eyebrow hair is only between 6 to 8 weeks during which time it breaks and falls away with some dye still on it.

The dyeing of the brows can be done at home but experts recommend that the first few times it be done at the saloon. Visiting a saloon can set you back by a few bucks but is definitely worth it because you can watch and learn and also avoid mistakes while doing it later yourself.

Because the product is applied on the face and very close to the eyes, it may be a bit risky for people to try on their own especially those who have sensitive eyes and sensitive skin. Professionals recommend that people having any intolerance to natural henna hair dye or any other commercially available hair dye should keep away from this treatment as it is can cause inflammation in the tissues around the eyes and it can trigger rashes in people with sensitive skin.

Tinting is good for people who want to cover the grey in their brows. Tweezing away grey hair can leave patches and make it look unshapely. This treatment helps in getting back confidence in people who are still learning to age gracefully. Some people use it to match their brows to a newly experimented colour of their head.

Some people may have hair too light colored hair in their brows and therefore not very visible. Thanks to this method, such people can now sport nice shapely pair of dark thick eyebrows. The well defined eyebrow adds structure to their face and improves facial symmetry and gives them a neat groomed look.

The FDA is still to approve this treatment, but to say that it is unsafe is far from truth. The treatment is far more safe than application of hair dye on the brows. And the fact that it saves time wearing and removing make up is an added bonus!