Waterproof Makeup – Is It For You?

Makeup is like your second skin, whether you are lounging at home sipping your drink or out rocking that party. We are not always lucky to stay indoors in a cool temperature. Majority of the times we are exposed to the sun and heat, which causes us to sweat. And when you are out having fun in the pool or get caught off guard in the rain, what happens to your makeup? This is where waterproof makeup comes to your rescue. Continue reading →

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Do You Know How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup is something very essential when you want to step out looking your best. Whether you use makeup frequently or not, you will need the right brushes to get the best out of your make up. Just like you pay attention to the products and the brands, you need to pay attention to the brushes as well. These brushes have to be cleaned after every use, to get the best out of them. Wondering how to clean your makeup brushes? Here are a few tips: Continue reading →

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How To Use A Beautyblender To Your Benefit

Have you ever tried on makeup? If so, you must be aware of all the wonderful inventions to make the makeup applying process more effective and easier. One such invention is the beautyblender. Yes, there are makeup brushes and sponges that can help you apply your makeup perfectly but a beautyblender can do so much more. Wondering how to use a beauty blender?

Here is how- Continue reading →

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5 Tips and Tricks to Apply Everyday Makeup

Be it a smoky eye look with a plethora of products, or the fresh-faced look, makeup is mandatory if you are stepping out of home. Not only does it hide flaws, it is something that you can use to make a statement about who you are – goth, punk, hippie, happy!  But, there is a fine  art to making everyday makeup work! Nevertheless, there’s always something new to learn everyday on how one can capably apply makeup. Here are some useful tips, tricks and hacks you can use for your everyday makeup needs.

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