Natural Looking Makeup – Be Natural, Look Natural.

Most women find walking out of their homes without make-up unnerving. It is a matter of confidence to some, and a mask to some. It is a misconception that beauty means more make-up. The truth of the matter is that makeup is not directly related to the level of confidence and the physical beauty. Natural looks are more appealing to the current generation. The fresh clean look is the look that works today. Gone are the days of loud lipstick and bright mascara. Natural looking makeup is more impressive and creates a lasting impression. Continue reading →

Cruelty Free Cosmetics Are No More Just An Idea

All those makeup and skin care items that you use on yourself have been tried and rested elsewhere before they have been approved to be sold on the market. You think they were all tested on fellow human beings? No! Though testing cosmetics on animals were the norm, cruelty free cosmetics is the new trend that is catching up at an alarming pace. Continue reading →

Are Parabens In Makeup Really Harmful?

To begin with, it is important to understand the significance of parabens in makeup. The question that looms large is whether the use of parabens in cosmetics is really as harmful as it is assumed to be. This is why it is necessary to look at the larger picture that shows how parabens are quintessential to the preservation of makeup for longer periods. Continue reading →

Contour Your face With Ease And Grace

Everyone wants to look their best anytime and every time. Not everyone is happy with the way they look sans makeup. But, makeup is not every girl’s best friend. It can sometimes get very tricky to nail down the right technique so that you look glamorous instead of overly done up.

Continue reading →

Top Tips For Natural Eye Makeup

Natural Eye Makeup – Top Tips

The natural eye makeup look will always be in. It does not matter what kind of party you are going to or who is coming for dinner. What will always be in style and something you can pull off in every occasion is the natural look. However, getting the perfect natural look is not easy; looking “natural” takes as much work as looking made up. Continue reading →