Slather On The Best Serum For Dry Skin And Stay Hydrated

Your skin is the first thing everyone notices. Apart from the genetic makeup of your skin, the weather, pollutants and the products you use also has a big impact on your skin. It is not just the face but rest of the body needs equal attention. Your hands and legs also get dried and rough, like your face, when not cared for. In order to tackle the dryness, you need the best serum for dry skin. Continue reading →

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Find A Natural Acne Treatment For All Your Skin Woes

Acne has never been anyone’s friend. Everyone fears the worst at the mere mention of that word. While there are many way to prevent acne, it is not always possible to escape from it. When you are one of the unlucky few, who has to bear the brunt of acne, you need effective remedies that can help you out at the earliest. While there are a number of remedies sold across the counter, natural acne treatment is not only very effective but is also easy to get hold of. Continue reading →

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Whip Up Your Own Face mask For Winter And Protect Your Skin From The Cold

Winter – the best time of the year for those who love to wrap themselves in those thick jackets and boots. However, it is not a weather preferred by many. Why? Skin problems! Winter is a season where you skin gets parched and dry due to the chill winds and drop in the temperature. If you are dreading the winter due to skin related issues, you need to have a few face masks for winter, handy. Continue reading →

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A Few Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

Skin, the very first thing you notice on others. When you have dry, rough skin, the first thing you notice about someone is how soft, dewy and well nourished it is. Worry not! You are not alone and there are a number of beauty tips for dry skin. A little bit of care and using the right type of products for your skin type will do the trick. Continue reading →

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Toner For Face – Needed Or Not Needed?

diy-liquorice-face-toner-6If you have been using various makeup products on your face and have religiously ensured you didn’t go to bed with the makeup still on, you would be very familiar with the cleanse and tone routine. Ok, so you know the cleansing part is to clean off the makeup or general grime on your face. Have you ever wondered what the toner for face actually is?

What Is A Toner?

A toner is generally a water based liquid which includes ingredients like plant extracts or oils. Toner for face is used as a last step in your cleansing routine as it will remove the excess oil and other ingredients left behind by your cleanser and replenish your skin with essentials.

Types Of Toners

Toners come in many varieties to suit different skin types and needs. There are astringent and non astringent toners. While the astringent toner for face will dry up your skin (generally used on very oily skin), the non astringent ones will help in hydrating. Rose water is an excellent toner that leaves your skin hydrated and smelling fresh after putting your skin through all that makeup. If you want something calming and soothing for your skin, you can opt for the chamomile based toners.

Do You Need A Toner?

woman-holding-astringentThere are many debates going on about this. While some swear by toners, some believe it is just an unnecessary product. This is because, a cleanser is believed to cleanse off everything from your face, including the essential oils that are required to keep your skin healthy and nourished. A toner is believed to restore balance to your parched skin. So do you need a toner for face? It mainly depends on your cleanser.

When you are using a strong cleanser to get rid of heavy makeup, it will remove everything on your skin. Also, this product will be heavy and leave a creamy residue on your face. This will block your pores and lead to clogging. Hence, to avoid this you need a toner which will remove all that excess oil and cream, while leaving your skin hydrated and nourished.

If you are using a gentle cleanser or a cleansing milk which has essential oils, you face will be left with the required essential oils and nutrients after cleansing. Also products these days are not very creamy or heavy and are easy to remove from your face. In such a case, you don’t require a toner, which is just an added step.

How Do I Use A Toner?


So now that you can decide if you really need a toner for face or not, how do you use it?

Once you cleanse your face and wash off the excess product, use a cotton pad or two to apply the toner on your face. Now pour some toner on these cotton pads and wipe your face, neck and ears, so that the toner reaches all the places your cleanser has reached. You will feel the difference once you use a toner for face.

If your skin feels soft and hydrated, you are using the right product. However, if it feels dry and parched, check if yours is an astringent toner and is it has high alcohol content. Change to a more hydrating toner and ensure your skin doesn’t suffer the consequences of a bad product.

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4 Homemade Face masks To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Face masks are a great saviour for tired looking skin. Using a face mask on a regular basis can ensure your skin is always fresh and glowing. Though the face masks available across the counter save you a lot of time, you never know what goes into them. Homemade face mask can be customised according to your needs and can be whipped up at any time.

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Five Simple And Candid Ways To Remove Makeup

A perfect foundation, a rub of rouge, a slight touch of eye shadow below the brows, the curl of the mascara and the fine glossy finish to the supple lips completes your idea of a winner makeup! However, it is only after you are back home you realize that the fascination was temporary and that you need to go back to looking like yourself. After all, every girl is most comfortable with a natural face, dressed in a faded top and pyjamas and, sleeping. Continue reading →

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Turmeric and your beauty: A timeless relationship

If you have ever been in a quintessentially Indian kitchen, chances are you would have well cited small ginger like roots being crushed under the mortar and pestle and added to the recipe being made. Well, that is turmeric for you.  Did you know turmeric has been an ancient herb for healing? If not then you have every reason to read on, especially those, looking up to an exclusive natural way for beauty treatment. Continue reading →

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