Five Simple And Candid Ways To Remove Makeup

A perfect foundation, a rub of rouge, a slight touch of eye shadow below the brows, the curl of the mascara and the fine glossy finish to the supple lips completes your idea of a winner makeup! However, it is only after you are back home you realize that the fascination was temporary and that you need to go back to looking like yourself. After all, every girl is most comfortable with a natural face, dressed in a faded top and pyjamas and, sleeping. Continue reading →

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Grow Your Hair Naturally

Those long tresses that instantly takes a person’s looks from regular to glam, is everybody’s dream. Sadly, only a few are blessed with such long, healthy and shiny hair. Have you been experiencing a lot of hair loss despite trying to grow out your hair? Want to own a head full of luscious healthy long hair? Have you tried any natural hair growth products? Continue reading →

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Confidence And Long Lasting Lipstick Go Hand In Hand

The whole world is talking about Kylie Jenner’s pout and all women are desirous of having a similar pout. Is it the lips or the lipstick that creates the magic? From time immemorial women have taken extra care to look attractive. Enhancing one’s lips is one way of improving one’s looks. A well-groomed look is incomplete without a proper lipstick. Continue reading →

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Make An Eyebrow Tinting Kit A Useful Addition To Your Make Up Kit

Eyebrows can make or mar a face; well-defined and shaped eyebrows render your face character while negligible eyebrows make you look old and shriveled. Besides that, the shape, color and thickness of your eyebrows accentuate a well-groomed look. Therefore, it is paramount that you pay special attention to your eyebrows especially as you age because when you start getting older your eyebrows too start to thin and fade. At this point in time investing in a good eyebrow tinting kit will be a good option. Continue reading →

How To Use A Beautyblender To Your Benefit

Have you ever tried on makeup? If so, you must be aware of all the wonderful inventions to make the makeup applying process more effective and easier. One such invention is the beautyblender. Yes, there are makeup brushes and sponges that can help you apply your makeup perfectly but a beautyblender can do so much more. Wondering how to use a beauty blender?

Here is how- Continue reading →

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Trendy Colour Options For Your Mane


Hair colourColours – they bring out our personalities and help us express ourselves better. We dress in various shades and hues to suit our moods and the changing trends. Gone are the days where you had to restrict these colours to just your clothes or accessories.

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