Natural ways to make eyelashes grow.

Eyelashes – More than just a beauty quotient
The beauty of the eyes is enhanced by the length of the eyelashes. They provide the framework for the eyes and draw compliments. They also have a lot of benefits which are overlooked because imageseyelashes are taken for granted.
The eyelashes not only define the real beauty but also protect the eyes from external pollution. While fake eyelashes are pretty popular, they do not look completely natural. Applying glue to the skin can have many drawbacks. Applying chemicals near the eyes can be dangerous as well. The chemicals and the false eyelashes weaken the real eyelashes. Continue reading →

Coconut oil for hair care – Take care naturally

Not all coconut oils are created same and equal. It is a fact that oil should be unadulterated, pure, and natural. It should be free from synthetic and artificial flavors, herbal extracts and the likes. Pure coconut oil for hair care is what is required for it to work effectively and efficiently. Continue reading →

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Natural Looking Makeup – Be Natural, Look Natural.

Most women find walking out of their homes without make-up unnerving. It is a matter of confidence to some, and a mask to some. It is a misconception that beauty means more make-up. The truth of the matter is that makeup is not directly related to the level of confidence and the physical beauty. Natural looks are more appealing to the current generation. The fresh clean look is the look that works today. Gone are the days of loud lipstick and bright mascara. Natural looking makeup is more impressive and creates a lasting impression. Continue reading →

Skin Care In Winter Is Highly Essential

winter_skin_care_facial_masksWinter – that cold time of the year when even the flowers are not ready to bloom. Though many may love the frigid weather, it not your skin’s best friend. Winter is when your skin gets damaged the most, yes even more than in summer. This is why skin care in winter is very important. Continue reading →

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Slather On The Best Serum For Dry Skin And Stay Hydrated

Your skin is the first thing everyone notices. Apart from the genetic makeup of your skin, the weather, pollutants and the products you use also has a big impact on your skin. It is not just the face but rest of the body needs equal attention. Your hands and legs also get dried and rough, like your face, when not cared for. In order to tackle the dryness, you need the best serum for dry skin. Continue reading →

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Natural Lip Scrub – Enhance That Smile Naturally

Face and body exfoliation is very popular a beauty enhancing and body cleansing process. Lip scrub and exfoliation are yet to reach that level of fame. The buzz on this method is quite high in the beauty and health industry and increasing. Natural lip scrub is a product that is picking up quite rapidly. The awareness is of this scrub is improving in time. This is because the need is also quite high. Continue reading →

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Find A Natural Acne Treatment For All Your Skin Woes

Acne has never been anyone’s friend. Everyone fears the worst at the mere mention of that word. While there are many way to prevent acne, it is not always possible to escape from it. When you are one of the unlucky few, who has to bear the brunt of acne, you need effective remedies that can help you out at the earliest. While there are a number of remedies sold across the counter, natural acne treatment is not only very effective but is also easy to get hold of. Continue reading →

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Whip Up Your Own Face mask For Winter And Protect Your Skin From The Cold

Winter – the best time of the year for those who love to wrap themselves in those thick jackets and boots. However, it is not a weather preferred by many. Why? Skin problems! Winter is a season where you skin gets parched and dry due to the chill winds and drop in the temperature. If you are dreading the winter due to skin related issues, you need to have a few face masks for winter, handy. Continue reading →

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Cruelty Free Cosmetics Are No More Just An Idea

All those makeup and skin care items that you use on yourself have been tried and rested elsewhere before they have been approved to be sold on the market. You think they were all tested on fellow human beings? No! Though testing cosmetics on animals were the norm, cruelty free cosmetics is the new trend that is catching up at an alarming pace. Continue reading →

A Few Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

Skin, the very first thing you notice on others. When you have dry, rough skin, the first thing you notice about someone is how soft, dewy and well nourished it is. Worry not! You are not alone and there are a number of beauty tips for dry skin. A little bit of care and using the right type of products for your skin type will do the trick. Continue reading →

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