Natural Makeup Tutorial – Look Glamorous Naturally Today

Everyone loves to have that fresh moist look, showing off the perfect even toned skin. But not everyone is blessed with such great skin and many of us require makeup to avoid looking patchy and tired. Using multiple layers of the right shade of foundation, contouring using a bronzer and other such products can give us that glam look. But is that what you want all day long? I think you don’t. In this natural makeup tutorial we show you how to prevent it.

Sometimes, going in for that natural look without slathering on product, is what one needs to look and feel confident. This doesn’t mean one should go sans make up. You can always wear makeup to look like you are not wearing any. Confused? Don’t be. Read this natural makeup tutorial to know how it can be done.

Use Makeup To Look Natural- Natural Makeup Tutorial

One can focus on any one part of the face to highlight it, while the rest are left to their natural looks or one can use more than one of the below to target problem areas and look naturally blemish free and fresh. Feel exited yet ? Keep reading this natural makeup tutorial.

Hide Them Blemishes

It is very important to hide those blemishes and dark circles before you put on any makeup. Use a good concealer to hide the dark circles and spots. Dust some powder to pack in the concealer and make sure the skin looks even. Invest in a mineral-based concealer for a more natural look.

Glowing SkinNatural makeup

One has to enhance the natural aspects of their face such as a mole or freckles. Trying to hide them will result in layers of product. Instead one must use a little highlighter on the apples of their cheeks, tip of their chin, nose and above their brows to give sheen to the skin while making sure your freckles or moles still peek through.

Nude Lips

Trace the edges of your lips with a nude pencil and blend it in using a brush and dab on some sheer lip balm or use a tinted lip balm in the same shade as your lips or close to get those naturally glistening lips. Peaches and pinks work almost with all the skin tones.

High Cheekbones

Fake the perfect cheekbones by using a soft pink blush. Use a rosy powder blush on the apple of your cheeks on top your foundation. Blend the blush using upward strokes till your ears, using a fluffy brush.

Perfect Lashes

Not everyone is blessed with long thick lashes. Trace a black gel liner along the upper lash line and stop just before the inner corners. This gives you a look of thick lashes without using mascara or false lashes and there is no visible makeup. You can also skip the eyeliner totally and just use a single coat of mascara to give a little volume to your lashes. It will make your lashes look fuller and make your eyes stand out.

Beautiful Eyes

beautiful-eyesIt is always better to avoid the eyeliner when you are going in for the natural look. However, if you want to add a little drama to your eyes without going over the top, trace a thin line of liner on your upper eyelids, near your lashes and slightly wing it out at the end to make your eyes look long and shapely.

Eye Shadow

Apply a little neutral color eye shadow with a brush or blend it in with your finger tips to get beautifully muted eyes. It is very subtle yet highlights your eye. If you want a little effect, you can choose a shade or two darker than your skin tone.

Bronzed Look

For that sun kissed tan, mix a bronzer with your moisturizer and apply it evenly all over your face and neck. Go in for two shades darker than your skin tone to achieve that tanned look. Since it is mixed with your moisturizer, it will blend well and can be applied easily to make the entire face look the same shade.

Cheat Sheet

Here are some tips and tricks you can inculcate into your daily routine to have that effortlessly natural look all the time. Are you still enjoying this natural makeup tutorial ? If yes, then continue reading.


It is very important to keep your face moisturized to avoid dry spots, wrinkles or dullness.

Mixing your primer with your moisturizer gives you a naturally dewy look without any visible traces of makeup.
Mixing your foundation with your highlighter also gives you that smooth glowing look throughout your face.

how to shape your eyebrowsBrows

Eyebrows are what frames your face and gives you that flawlessly groomed look. Keep your brows groomed and use a good eyebrow pencil of the right shade to fill in the gaps and to make your brows look fuller.


Instead of investing in lip stains of that perfect shade, go for tinted lip balms. Not only do they add a natural color, you can dab some on in front of all, without them realizing it is makeup.


Use a thin eyeliner pencil or gel liner to add some color and define the shape of your eyes. If you prefer the natural skin color for your eyes, just use a single coat of mascara to make your eyes pop and lashes look thicker.

BB Cream

This cream from any brand can help you achieve that even toned skin and help you hide those dark circles or patches. It can also double up as a light foundation for your natural day look.

natural makup tutorialBrushes

No matter what product you apply on your face, use a suitable brush of good quality to get that smooth even finish. Finger tips can be great for blending in but unless you can master the perfect pressure, brushes are your safest bet to avoid too much or too little product on different parts of your face.

Most importantly, you should never overwork with your product. Less is more and that is the main goal of this natural makeup tutorial.


Exercising will help you add some good color to your cheeks. It also helps your pores open up and breathe.

Adding the right amount of makeup using the right technique, will go a long way in giving you that naturally perfect face.

I hope you liked this natural makeup tutorial! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.