Beautiful Skin – Easier Than You Think

Everyone loves to have a flawless, healthy and naturally glowing skin. Not everyone is blessed with great skin. Even those with good skin need to take good care of it, for it to stay that way. Beauty routines are a must for those who always want the perfect skin sans make-up.

Here are some tips for that perfect skin:Natural-Skin-Care-Products

  1. Remove Makeup – No matter how tired you are after your late night party. Always remove your makeup before you go to bed. Your skin needs to breath and that will not happen if it is going to be layered with various products. Clogged pores lead to blemishes and black heads. Use a good makeup remover or just a few drops of baby oil or olive oil can do the trick.
  2. Sun Block – Love going out in the sun? Load up on your sunscreen before you expose your skin to the harsh rays of the sun. Prolonged expose can cause your skin to wrinkle and develop age spots. Always choose a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Eat Right – What you eat has a direct effect on your skin. Eat foods rich in vitamin C and low in sugar for a blemish free healthy skin. Nuts and fish are a good source of vitamin E and can do wonders for your skin on the long run. Foods rich in spice and sugar can cause a break out.
  4. Get Some Sleep – when you don’t get enough sleep, both you and your skin will get tired. Tired skin takes time to rejuvenate. This causes your skin to sag and age quickly.
  5. Water The Elixer – A hydrated skin is always fresh and supple. Drinking a lot of water on a daily basis can not only keep your skin hydrated but also helps in flushing away toxins from your body. You can also spray rose water on your face to reduce puffiness in the morning.
  6. Work It Out – Exercising is not only good for your body. Sweating opens up the clogged pores and helps your skin breathe. When you exercise, there is an increased blood flow and more nutrients reach your skin, helping it repair damages caused due to exposure to various environmental pollutants.

Your skin also needs pampering from time to time to look its best. You don’t have to invest in expensive treatments or over the counter products to keep your skin in good health. Here are some of the everyday ingredients that you can use to maintain your skin.

Avocado – this fruit is excellent for dry skin. It has nourishing properties that helps prevent wrinkles and reduce skin inflammations. Avocado oil is also highly recommended.

Eggs – Egg whites are a great solution for fine lines on the skin. They absorb the excess oil from the pores and tighten the skin.

Yogurt – this delicious food is not only perfect for breakfast; it is also one of the most common ingredients used in facial masks made at home. It is loved for its anti-aging properties and the smooth effect it has on your skin.

With some tender loving care, you can flaunt a flawless skin all year around, without emptying your wallet

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