Natural Lip Scrub – Enhance That Smile Naturally

Face and body exfoliation is very popular a beauty enhancing and body cleansing process. Lip scrub and exfoliation are yet to reach that level of fame. The buzz on this method is quite high in the beauty and health industry and increasing. Natural lip scrub is a product that is picking up quite rapidly. The awareness is of this scrub is improving in time. This is because the need is also quite high.

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The natural lip scrub is required to remove the dead layers of the skin. This helps in maintaining smooth and younger looking skin. It is not easy to smile with dry and rough lips. The pain is not negligible. A big open smile requires smooth and soft skin. To wear that kind of a smile, using a natural lip scrub is a good way to go.

What does the Scrub do?

This scrub works just like a body exfoliate. It removes the dead outer surface of the lips. It is the dead skin that makes the lips look dry and chapped. Removal of the dead cells exposes the inner softer cells. The shine and the shimmer of the lips will not go unnoticed.

Advantages of using a Natural Lip Scrub

rosescrub7-e1455047648363The best part of this scrub is that it is healthy and delicious. It can be ingested. Since it is applied on the lips, chances are they will be tasted and swallowed. There is no worry about any harm caused if it enters the system.

The scrub brings out fresh new layers that make the lips smooth, soft and clean. It prevents cracked and chapped lips. It works as a moisturizer during bad weather. Exposure to wind and heat will not impact the luscious lips.

How often can it be used?

The natural lip scrub may be used once a week. The frequency can be increased during winter.

The best Lip Scrub

The best way to procure a lip scrub that is natural, organic and does not have any chemicals is to make it at home. The ingredients are already present in the kitchen. They are regular everyday items that are not hard to obtain.

Recipes for Natural Lip Scrub

Lemon Lip Scrub – A combination of lemon, raw sugar, and coconut oil will nourish the skin like never before.

Honey and Oil Scrub – Sugar is one of the best exfoliating ingredients. Mix it with honey and olive oil to get a good quality natural scrub for the lips.

Flavoured Scrub – Vanilla is a universally liked flavor. Add it a little bit of brown sugar to get a simple scrub to improve the condition of those lips.

Directions – Let the resulting scrub sit on the lips for a minute and wipe it off with a damp washcloth. Lip balm may be applied after.

Say goodbye to cracked and chapped lips the natural way. Say goodbye to chemicals. A cream that will both exfoliate and provide nourishment is a must have. You can truly feel the difference.

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